Pet Healthcare Plans for UK Vet Practices

See why Easy Direct Debits is better for your clients, your team and your business.

Pet Healthcare plans that are... better for your clients

NO joining fees

How many more clients would join if they weren’t paying a tax on membership?

NO renewal fees

Do you know that some Direct Debit providers charge your members a renewal fee on their anniversary of joining your plan?

NO charges for failed payments

Do you know that some providers charge your clients up to £10 for a failed Direct Debit payment?

Clients can join online

Whenever it suits them.

Joining in the practice is quick and easy
Adding 2nd and subsequent pets takes 10 seconds

– no need to provide bank details again, even if the 2nd pet is added weeks or months later

If a client needs to talk to us, we’re here for them

Calls answered straight away – no waiting!

Better for your team

Unbeatable customer service
No call waiting times

– Seriously.
– You call, we answer.
– Sounds basic, doesn’t it?

Update client details instantly

No more form filling.

Clear, easy-to-understand reports

Isn’t it annoying that reports from your current Direct Debit provider include the names of people who aren’t in your practice management system?

Instead, it contains the names of your clients’ partners or other random people who pay your clients’ bills (mums, dads, aunties, uncles or other wealthy benefactors).

Not with Easy Direct Debits. Just search for your client’s name. Have as many different associated bank accounts as you like. Three pets, paid from three different accounts? No problem.


Live account checking minimises clerical errors, which lead to delays in payment

Client cancelled their Direct Debit by mistake? Three mouse clicks is all it takes to reinstate their membership.

Use paper application forms if you like, but only if you want to

And we never need to see those pieces of paper. In fact, we strongly recommend that you shred clients’ bank details the moment you’ve added them to our secure, encrypted, online system.

Ready to move away from paper?

Some of the practices we work with simply have an iPad / tablet in reception and clients join in a minute or so online – no paper required!

Need to amend a subscription, e.g. change a weight band?

Increase or decrease client’s payments in 10-15 seconds.

Quick online training
Different levels of access

Better for your business

NO set-up costs
NO minimum usage charges
FREE to migrate from current provider

You choose what to include.

You choose how much to charge

Need help? Just ask

Say NO to bloated fees!
No inflated ‘marketing’ costs included in transaction fees

– only pay for the marketing you need, when you need it

Exclusive discounted access to our Vet Success Fast Track marketing programme

Could you double or even triple your membership in the next 12 months? Others have

Save money!

It’s not the reason most practices switch but it’s a special bonus, don’t you think? Savings range from 23% to 66% depending on who you’re with at the moment

Don't take our word for it...

Bulk Change Process

Moving your existing pet healthcare plan to Easy Direct Debits is so Simple. We use the industry-standard "bulk change' process... we'll show you how easy it really is...
In a nutshell:
  • You give notice to your existing provider, using the templates we’ll provide (together with the necessary accompanying documents).
  • You’ll agree on the last payment date with your provider. Depending on who that supplier is, a 3-month notice period is common, although you may need to check your contract with them.
  • After your last payment date, the outgoing supplier sends members’ data to us securely.
  • We import members’ details into our system.
  • We write to all existing members, confirming the change.
  • No action is required on behalf of your clients.
  • No cost to you – we cover all migration costs.
  • Easy Direct Debits starts collecting payments, with no interruption to service.
You’ll instantly benefit from:
  • Fast, flexible, fuss-free Direct Debit collections
  • Responsive, hands-on customer service
  • Competitive rates – some practices save as much as 65% when they upgrade to Easy Direct Debits
  • Autonomy – we’re guided by two principles: They’re your clients, and it’s your money.
  • No joining fees for your clients
  • An easier way for clients to join your plan – online, on the phone, in the practice or by clicking a link in an email.
  • Access to custom payment plans – create a bespoke plan (eg for client to repay money owed) for any client in just a few seconds.

Once you're with us, benefit from...

Pet plan health check

We'll help you ensure inclusions and pricing are on point and relevant either during a bulk change transfer, or on completion of your transfer.

Full staff training

We will train your staff to use our system and manage their health plans online. And they're always welcome to further assistance.

Annual Reviews

Annual business and marketing reviews for your plans, ensuring membership growth and focus year on year.

Ready to upgrade?