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Healthcare Plan Survey: Poor service sucks. You deserve better

 Healthcare Plan Survey Results

Maximum time to answer inbound customer calls:

Simplyhealth / Denplan

43.6 minutes*

*based on 122 calls during March 2018
Easy Direct Debits

44 seconds*

*based on 108 calls during March 2018

Are you and your clients getting a raw deal too?

Survey conducted during March 2018 by an independent third party in accordance with guidelines published by the Market Research Society.

Poor service sucks. You deserve better

Your time is precious. Your clients’ time is, too.

In 2015, when we started looking into healthcare plans, the practices we spoke to hated being made to wait when they tried to call their Direct Debit provider.

So did their clients.

In some cases, they were waiting 15 minutes or more before they got to speak to a real person.

I had a similar experience last week when I rang my bank. You know the kind of thing:

“We are experiencing a higher than normal call volume”

which means “We don’t employ enough people to handle calls. Please go away.”

“Your call is important to us”

which we all know means “your call isn’t that important to us, or we’d have answered it by now”

It’s not good enough. So from the outset at Easy Direct Debits, we set ourselves two targets:

  1. Build the best and most flexible subscription management system the veterinary industry has ever seen
  2. Provide outstanding customer service, to the point where the vets who use our system would love what we do

Did we succeed?

We’ve made a good start…

“So user-friendly, and the staff are so helpful and cheery” Mandy Clarkson, Riverside Vets

“Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. No matter how many questions you have they are always there to help!” Chrissy Emerson, Cromwell Vets

“The team are great and the software is well thought through. Updates and enhancement requests are implemented quickly and with care.”  Wayne Smith-Gillard, The Neighbourhood Vet

An online demonstration of Easy Direct Debits takes no more than 10 minutes.

Why not book yours now, while it’s fresh on your mind?

Call 01202 022 336 (you won’t wait long for someone to answer, I promise!)

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Many thanks,

Cliff Lay
CEO & founder, Easy Direct Debits

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