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7 useful tips to REDUCE cancellation rates and INCREASE retention

As a veterinary practice in the UK, offering preventative healthcare plans is an excellent way to ensure that pets receive the consistent care they need while providing a steady income stream for your practice. However, cancellation rates can cause concern, and whilst we experience difficult financial times they are currently rising.

When clients are looking at cutting down their monthly expenditure, it’s often a case of going through regular monthly payments and working out what to cut out. As health plans are more expensive than services such as music streaming or TV packages, they are often at the top of the cut list, just for this reason.

You work hard to let clients know about the benefits of membership for both them and their pets and get them to join.  It’s a shame after all that to lose them. That’s why we’ve put together these Seven Tips with simple activities that will both remind them of the reasons they joined and the benefits they receive, plus provide them with a sense of membership and value.

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Here's 7 top tips to help keep plan members feeling loved and engaged!

Consider implementing some of the following strategies…

1: Highlight annual savings:

Regular and consistent messaging about the annual savings members enjoy compared to non-members is key to retention. Financial considerations often drive pet owners, so reminding them how the plan helps them save money is essential.

Clearly illustrate the cost comparison between individual services and the overall savings achieved through the plan. Use various communication channels, such as email newsletters, social media posts, and in-person consultations, to reinforce this message throughout the year.


2: Offer reassurance:

Clients may cancel their memberships if they feel uncertain about the value of it. Be a step ahead of these concerns by providing consistent reassurance about the benefits they’re entitled to throughout the year.

Share success stories, testimonials, and case studies from satisfied members to showcase the positive experiences of others. Few things are more reassuring than peer-to-peer stories.

Transparency and communication about the benefits will provide members with confidence in their choices and reduce the likelihood of cancellations.


3: Host member-only events:

To make members feel special, valued, and listened to, consider organising member-only events throughout the year. These events can include educational talks – just a quick half an hour by a nurse on first aid, or seasonal dangers would be great. Put on open evenings, or even pet-friendly gatherings such as a health plan member walks with a nurse in attendance to answer any pet-health related questions.

By inviting members to exclusive events, you create a sense of community and demonstrate your appreciation for their loyalty. This personal touch can foster stronger client-practice relationships and increase member satisfaction. BUT DON’T HIDE IT FROM NON-MEMBERS!


4: Use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

FOMO non-members into finding out more about this group of health plan members who demonstrate their ability to be the best pet guardians possible.


5: Collect feedback and act on it:

Regularly seek feedback from your preventative healthcare plan members and take action based on their suggestions and concerns. Show your clients that their opinions matter and that you are responsive to their needs. Implementing changes or improvements based on their feedback will not only enhance the plan but also demonstrate that you value their input.

It’s essential that your plan reflects the needs of the community it exists within, so don’t be afraid to make changes – including annual price increases – as long as you keep getting the messaging right. This is their plan, designed to give their pet the most comprehensive preventative healthcare possible, at the most competitive price compared to non-member prices.


6: Add a few surprises throughout the year!

To ensure loyalty and help make your clients your biggest and most vocal fans, it’s not enough to meet expectations – you need to exceed them.

There are both straightforward and more intricate methods to reward your loyal plan members. However, any action that demonstrates your genuine care, attention to detail, and dedication will significantly contribute to fostering a committed community, where the idea of cancelling their plan membership never crosses their minds.

Ideas include:

  • Free coffee in reception for plan members
  • Christmas cards
  • Thank you cards when they join
  • Members-only Instagram competition – collect entries for a practice calendar and get clients tagging you to be included!
  • Puppy milestone cards – give new member puppies cards to make special moments (“I had my booster vaccinations today” “My first trip to the beach” etc) to share online, tag you, and win a monthly prize


7: Provide exceptional customer service:

Exceptional customer service is crucial for retaining preventative healthcare plan members. Train your staff to deliver consistently outstanding service and create a positive experience for every client – a friendly and knowledgeable team that goes the extra mile will make clients feel valued and appreciated, strengthening their loyalty.

Reducing and preventing cancellations by plan members is a slow and constant job. You need to keep up regular communication, reassurance, exclusive member events, listen to client feedback and offer exceptional customer service. By implementing these strategies, you can create a bond of trust with your clients and make staying on the plan a no-brainer.

Increase retention, reduce member cancellations!

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