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“A year of marketing at half price. What have we done to deserve this?!”, we hear you ask…

Vet Dynamics are a group close to our hearts, as are those who have chosen to put their trust in Easy Direct Debits (that’s you).

We want you to grow and thrive, and we want more people to know about our in-house marketing consultancy. We’ve PROVEN that it can have a radical impact on the financial health of your practice and at discounted rates for our favourites.

We also want you to be treated well, and that means getting to eat lots of doughnuts.

So when you say “YES” we’ll send you some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Every month. For a year!

Who needs Christmas or birthdays when you’ve already received the best gift ever!

So what do I need to do, and what does it include?

Depending on the pricing of your plans, you’d need only two or three NEW members a month to join as a result of this marketing to cover the costs*

The delivered done-for-you strategy will include:

And the best bit…to show your staff how valued they are and how important they are to the ongoing success and growth of your practice, we’ll send two dozen KRISPY KREME doughnuts to the practice EVERY MONTH for the full twelve months **

Throughout the year, all you have to do is approve the work we do for you before it goes out. We do everything from copywriting, sourcing images, data work, design, print, online campaign design and management.

Whilst the included elements will be tailored around what you need to grow the fastest, they might include:

Ready to get started?

Payments are monthly and taken by direct debit, and the marketing is contracted for the full year. This isn’t because we’re greedy; we just know through our many years of EXCLUSIVELY working with UK vets that consistent marketing over an extended period of time is THE best way to grow. Anything else gives a much lower return on investment, and we’d be selling you short.

The price is £450 + VAT per month for Easy Direct Debits practices who have attended the Vet Dynamics conference, book a consult before 29th September, then say “YES” to the strategy before October 31st.

£900 +VAT 

£450 +VAT


Additional costs: Any postage for direct mail elements, pay-per-click, or anything payable directly to Facebook/Google etc. will be in addition to the £450 a month but will be quoted for well in advance.

* Based on the income generated in their first year of membership

 ** This is not dependent on how many branches you have. Some of you will get fat, some of you with multiple branches will get scratched in the monthly fight for them…

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