Remote Ready

Stop struggling through difficult times and start thriving again.

Remote-ready practice –
why you HAVE to be one!

Things are about to get bumpier, and despite the recent ‘Freedom Day’, we all know that life is heading in one difficult direction.

You can’t keep on struggling through

You need to fast-track your service provision to a primarily digital approach, and you need to do it now.

Your community has changed, the way you provide your services has changed, but has your communication and online engagement?

This is the time to employ some innovative marketing solutions.

And if you’re thinking ‘but we can’t cope with more clients’ then it isn’t about that.

Marketing isn’t just there to gain new people. It’s there to serve your existing clients better and maximise your return from the group of people who provide the lion’s share of your income. Good communication will remove any bottlenecks that are stopping your best clients from accessing all you offer,  resulting in frustration and bad feeling.

You need to deliver the same messages as you would face-to-face in smarter ways.

The challenges vet practices have been facing - and will continue facing - are:

  • Staff staying safe and well, and the practice staying open
  • Clients being able to come in
  • More people self-isolating, experiencing anxiety and needing distanced services
  • Restrictions on our movement and service provision
  • New habits formed by a long people of social distance
  • Promoting their wider services (including their health plan) to customers who are visiting the practice
Your clients need help with:
  • Accessing your services
  • Seeing the benefit of staying on a health plan (especially if some benefits are currently not offered such as health checks)
  • Accessing products and prescriptions if they are stuck at home

The solutions you need are:

  • A way to maintain and grow the predictable recurring monthly revenue your health plan brings. This is key to getting through this time. This means encouraging clients to join and retaining existing members.
  • Plan promotion to clients who can’t come in
  • Access to remote consults
  • Online booking and sign up
  • Home delivery of as much as possible – primarily parasiticides, food, chronic meds

We can help you work out what’s blocking your communication with our remote-ready package, and enable you to offer the same great services in a different way.

Maximise all your communication opportunities with forward-thinking and creative solutions, and use new ways to excite and delight your existing plan clients. This will keep them on the plan, and ensure they keep spreading the word about you.

Touchpoints we’ll evaluate and re-empower are:
  • Your website
  • Email communication
  • Social media
  • Targeted mailings
  • Clients waiting in their cars or in the waiting area during a consult
  • Pets being returned to owners
  • Digital solutions to interactions that are normally face-to-face

To start making your practice remote-ready, book a call with Jacqui to discuss all the opportunities we can offer.

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