Remote Ready

Do you still have the work equivalent of a lockdown hangover?

Are you struggling to find time to talk about your clients about your healthcare plan, and finding "the new normal" is still quite remote?

You're not alone. Many practices we've spoken to feel the same. The prescription? Our Remote Ready strategy.

Practices we speak to are currently struggling with…

  • Staff shortages and Covid control in the practice
  • Clients being able to spend pre-pandemic amounts of time with staff
  • Clients being used to less close contact – and often prefer it
  • Promoting the health plan when people want to interact digitally, or from a distance
  • Stress. Too much to do to chat about the plan.

And this is just scratching the surface.

A lot of practices are under a lot of pressure, can’t take on any new clients and think that any marketing automatically results in this, and don’t have the time to talk to clients about the benefits of signing up to the healthcare plan.

We understand this.

We didn’t design this strategy for you to gain new clients, we designed this to be laser-targeted to your EXISTING clients. The loyal group who already love you and want to take the best care of their pets. The aim is to keep your communication strong with this valuable group in the current climate.

Your community has changed, and the way you provide your services has changed, but has your communication and online engagement?

We have lots of novel solutions just waiting to be implemented! And the best thing? We do the work for you.

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