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Sutton Bridge Vets – New Vet Practice Launch

New Vet Practice Website, Health Plan Branding and Marketing

Launching a brand new vet practice

Sutton Bridge Vets approached us to help launch their new vet practice in early 2021. Our tailored marketing strategy focused on filling their appointment book for the first few weeks – they exceeded all predictions!

Initially, our team designed a straightforward starter website, with a home page, health plan page and mailing list sign-up. Our goal was to ensure the site was visible on Google, that the practice had a Google business page (vital for SEO, and also FREE btw) and that clients could begin to find the practice in the search engine results even before the practice was open. At this point in any start-up vet practice business, there are no services, and in this case, a finished vet practice, so building a good marketing list is essential.

The best way to build engagement and excitement is to show your potential new customers what you are doing so they can follow along with the progress. Our design team created branded video development updates documenting the refurbishment of the practice. The videos generated lots of interest among local pet owners – most of whom were who were desperate to find a new vet.

As a result, their mailing list snowballed with interested (and focused) customers. Flyers, regular emails and local adverts helped to increase awareness of the practice and the health plan.

As well as creating a style and branding language for the practice, the design team worked with the client to create a new logo for their health plan, The Sutton Bridge Pet Club.

We’ve continually add new pages and health plan-related content to the website as it continues to grow with the practice.

The practice opened its doors in July 2022, and customer acquisition has exceeded the client’s planned projections and continues to grow weekly.

The health plan is also growing very quickly, and we continue to help the Sutton Bridge Vets team with monthly marketing via our Concierge Marketing program for vet websites.

Visit the website:

  • Responsive website (adapts to the device it is being displayed on) with local SEO
  • Pet healthcare plan branding for the Sutton Bridge Pet Club
  • Printed marketing – design and print of a welcome flyer
  • Printed healthcare plan marketing – design and print of postcard for clients
  • Facebook page branding
  • Bespoke branded video updates prior to practice opening
  • Series of marketing emails to customers who registered interest
  • Design of adverts for local publications

Example animated video intro:


What the client thought...

Easy Direct Debits are experts in the field who exceeded our expectations. Have been helping us to create professional branding for the business, engaging content for the website, promotional materials etc. We cannot praise them enough. Such a pleasure to work with people who listen to your needs and create desired results in no time. Top class in its field. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 6 Stars out of 5. :)
Clinical Director

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