Performance Package

Grow your pet health plan with our NEW marketing package – refresh, promote and rocket your health plan to new heights of success.


Pet Health Plan Performance Package

This is ideal for practices launching a new plan or wanting to give an existing plan a boost

In our experience, pet health plans tend to plateau because of one (or more) of these key reasons:

  1. You’re busy running the practice, you don’t have the time to learn marketing and you don’t want to put extra pressure on your staff to do it for you
    You can relax knowing that your staff will be confident to talk about the benefits of your plan in a non-sales way with a plethora of tools to help them.
  2. Marketing seems expensive and inaccessible
    Not for Easy Direct Debits customers! You always save 1\3rd on all your marketing costs and we do almost everything for you.
  3. You don’t know how or who to market to
    We do. The Performance Package gives you expert training and advice as well as the marketing tools you need to get your plan in front of the right clients.
  4. The pandemic has meant less face-to-face contact so normal vet to client conversations are less focused on the other benefits you offer
    This plan gives you new ways to talk directly to your customers and show them all the great ways your health plan helps them and their pets.

So, what is in the Performance Package?

We’re so excited to offer this package to you (remember it’s for Easy Direct Debits customers only) and help you build the best and most successful health plan possible.

We’ve put together a feature-rich package that you won’t get anywhere else… plus the option to add extra services designed to grow your plan further, so let’s get started…

What you get…

Head of Development, Ashley Phipps will guide you through your 3-month plan with a combination of one-to-one and virtual training sessions. Combined with your new Performance Pack toolkit, he’ll help you attain new levels of pet health plan results.

Plus this additional support…

The reduced cost for Easy Direct Debits practices is just

£4,010  £2,810 +VAT*

Note: You will always save 1/3rd  on all your design marketing costs including websites as long as you are an Easy Direct Debits customer – it pays to work with us!

*The 1/3rd discount only applies to design elements in the package. Printing costs are not discounted.

Supercharger add-ons

Available at a special price when purchased at the same time as your Performance Package:

Get in touch for a bespoke website quote:

Start growing your health plan right now!

There is no time like the present. Fill in the form and book a call with Ashley to start your journey to health plan success.


If you need a further incentive to get started with your performance package, we’re offering you the opportunity to split the cost with up to 6 monthly Direct Debits payments.

This package will not be available forever, so sign-up now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Start your health plan growth right now!

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