Innovative communications

Laser-target EXISTING clients
Package starts from £119* per month!

Identify and utilise all your communication touchpoints

Ideal for:

When you want new ways to grow your plan or promote services without long staff conversations.


Encouraging clients to sign up to your healthcare plan or find out more about relevant services by maximising communication opportunities through the use of creative solutions.

The problems this solves:

  • Clients are now used to and even prefer less interaction, and are happy to do more online
  • Promoting your health plan when people want to interact and get admin done during their own time
  • Stressed and busy staff who feel they have too much to do to chat about the plan.

Many practices are under pressure, can’t take on new clients and think that marketing will result in new clients. Our communication innovation package circumvents this by communicating with clients in a non-invasive way. Many people feel ‘sold to’ by conversations and prefer to make decisions in their own time when they feel most at ease to spend time thinking.

We didn’t design this strategy for you to gain new clients; we designed this to laser-target EXISTING clients – the loyal group who already love you and want to take the best care of their pets. The aim is to keep your communication strong with this valuable group in the current climate.

Your community has changed quickly since Covid, and the way you provide your services has changed, but has your communication and online engagement?

We have lots of novel solutions just waiting to be implemented! And the best thing? We do the work for you.

There is no time like the present.

*Based on 12 x payments of £119+VAT

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