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Starting January 2018, new rules from the governing body mean your current Direct Debit provider can no longer refuse to use the industry-standard bulk change process.

This means you can now move all of your existing healthcare plan members to a new provider, quickly and easily.

To apply for a fast-track transfer to Easy Direct Debits or to book a demo, call 01202 022 336 today.

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See your healthcare plan membership rocket!

Direct debit processing designed exclusively for veterinary practices

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We’re easy to work with

Switch to Easy Direct Debits and not only could you cut your direct debit fees by 30% or more, but you’ll also benefit from…


Unbelievable (in a good way) customer service



Easy to use – staff can be trained to add clients and pets in under 10 minutes



The most flexible Direct Debit collection platform the veterinary industry has ever seen



Hands-on support for practice staff


Easy Direct Debits is faster:


Add new clients in under a minute



Create bespoke plans in less than 15 seconds



Add new pets in just a few seconds - no more waiting for someone in a processing centre to deal with your request



Instant ‘live search’ facility – find clients / pets immediately




At-a-glance summary of payments received / remaining for each client – saves enormous amounts of time calculating a final bill if a client cancels



Create payment plans for clients to pay for other products and services in instalments



Get your money faster – usually just a few days, instead of up to 5-6 weeks with some other providers’ collections (collections on 1st of the month are paid to you on 3rd of the month)


Because our primary aim is ALWAYS to grow your healthy pet club membership, practices that use Easy Direct Debits also enjoy:

  • Substantial discounts on marketing materials
  • Discounted access to Vet Success’s Fast Track Marketing Programme – increase membership quickly and cost-effectively

Our way of doing things makes more sense


No set-up costs



No joining fees for your clients

why on earth would you charge clients to join?


No charges for refunds



No charges for renewals

(why would you charge your best clients for wanting to continue paying you every month? Madness!)


No minimum usage charges (UK practices only)



Clients can join over the phone (if you / they want) with Paperless Direct Debits



Live checking of account numbers – reduces admin errors and delays



Zero cost migration from your existing provider



Fast track migration process designed specifically for practices using Animal Healthcare

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Start taking payments today!

call us on 01202 022 336 for more information or book a demo below.


“The new website for registering Healthy Pet Scheme animals is a dream to work with 🙂  Really quick, easy and so much better that I can now search quickly and amend records”

Delaware Veterinary Group


“Easy Direct Debits is so user friendly, and really quick and easy to use. The system works brilliantly and delivers an easy, convenient service to our clients. I wish we’d moved to Easy Direct Debits sooner.”

Jenny McCall, Village Vets Formby

Get paid by clients in a way that suits you:

Want to reduce your admin team’s workload? 

We can collect your payments on a single day of the month. Or two days. Or three. Or any day of your choosing. This system is completely flexible.

Want to take your first month’s direct debit payments immediately, by cash or card?

We can do that too. You take as many months’ payments upfront as you choose.

Or set up a bespoke plan. It’s easy. It’s instant.

Thousands of pet owners already pay via Easy Direct Debits.

To speak to practices who are using the system and hear their experiences, use our contact form or call us on 01202 022 336 and we’ll put you in touch.

Choosing Easy Direct Debits makes sense for so many reasons – time saved, streamlined operations and reduced frustration are just a few… any money you might save is almost incidental by comparison, however:

One practice switching from Animal Healthcare now saves 33% on their Direct Debit collection fees.

Another practice moving from Denplan now saves a whopping 59%.

If only they had switched sooner...

For a free online demonstration and to discuss how Easy Direct Debits could help your practice, why not get in touch with us now?

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